Frequently Asked Questions
How long will it take to activate my order?
The activation normally takes between 1-6 hours. In certain cases we will need to verify the order in more detail and this can take up to 24 hours.
What is the difference between Linux VPS and Xen VDS services?
The difference between the two is virtualization technology.
Our Linux VPS are based on Xen Paravirtualizaion. VPS containers use the modified Linux kernel and you can quickly and easily reinstall the OS using the Control Panel and our Linux templates.
VDS are based on Xen HVM - using this technology your VDS looks and works exactly like a dedicated server. You can use it to run any software and build any kernel. You can also use Xen HVM to install any OS from .iso file (FreeBSD, NetBSD, Windows, any Linux, etc). The installation is done via VNC/Java Console and you install the OS from scratch.
Do you sell cPanel or DirectAdmin licenses?
Yes, you can order Linux VPS based on CentOS with cPanel/DA installed.
Which languages do you provide technical support for?
We provide the technical support in English, Czech and Russian.
Which Linux distributions do you offer?
For Linux VPS based on Xen PV technology, we offer the following Linux distibutions:
  • CentOS
  • Debian
  • Ubuntu
  • Gentoo
  • Fedora
  • Slackware
Please note that if you need other Linux distro, you can order the Xen VDS service and install any OS from .iso file
What can I host using my VPS?
You cannot host using your VPS or perform any other illegal activities that could interfere with other customers and services. For detailed information, please refer to our Terms of Service.
Do you offer Windows VPS? If so what about the licenses?
Yes, we offer Windows-based VPS. We are registered and an official Microsoft SPLA partner. The license cost for this is included in the VPS price. You can choose from Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Server 2003 R2 32bit or Windows Server 2003 R2 64bit when you submit your order.
Can I upgrade/downgrade my VPS/VDS service?
Yes, the changes will be instant and you will not lose any of your data. To do this just open a support ticket and we will change your hardware settings when we receive your request.
Can I run an IRC server?
Yes, we have no any restrictions to run IRC.
Can I run another kernel at my Xen PV VPS?
Yes, you can use the PyGrub feature for your VPS container. PyGrub enables you to start Linux DomU's using the kernels that lie in the filesystem of the DomU rather than using a Kernel that lies in the filesystem of the Dom0. This enables the kernel to update with ease from DomU.
Please open a support ticket if you would like to use PyGrub.
Do you provide the Console Access in case I lose the ssh connection?
Yes, you can access your VPS using our Control Panel via serial Java console.
What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept credit and debit cards, PayPal, Moneybookers and WebMoney.
Can I purchase additional IPs? If so, what is the cost?
By default all of our services include one IP and you are permitted to add an additional IP for $3 per month. If you need more than one IP, you can open a support ticket and provide technical justification to support your request.
How am I billed?
We offer month-to-month billing system. Your invoice will be sent to you one week before your payment is due. If we do not receive your payment before or on the due day your VPS will be suspended.
What can I do with my VPS?
You can host any services you like using your VPS. You have root access and there are no any technical limitations, but anything you do using your VPS should not violate our Terms of Service.
Can I change the OS installed on my VPS?
Yes, you can reinstall the OS using one of our templates. The installation takes several minutes.
Will I have RDP Administrator access with your Windows VPS?
Yes, you will have full Administrator rights in addition to a configured RDP connection.
Will I have a Control Panel with my VPS?
Yes, we offer VPS Control Panels which will allow you to reboot, reinstall the OS, use a serial Java console and change the root password. In addition to this, if you use Xen VDS service, you will also have a VNC/Java feature and be able to mount/unmount the .iso file.
I have a Windows license. Can I use it?
Yes. You can install any Windows version on your VDS and use your license to activate it.
Are you a Reseller?
No, we're not a reseller, we manage and have root access to our servers.
What is the port speed on your hardware nodes?
All of our nodes feature 1Gbps full-duplex uplink ports.
What is the port speed on my VPS?
The port speed on VPS containers is 100Mbit shared.
Can I use iptables, tun/tap devices or external kernel modules?
Yes, your VPS works like dedicated server and you will have root access.
I need a FreeBSD/NetBSD VPS.
Using our Xen VDS service, you are able to install any OS using our .iso files library or by providing your own .iso file. The FreeBSD VPS and NetBSD have been fully tested and work in conjunction with our servers.
Where are your data centers located?
Our US data center is located in Phoenix, AZ; German data center is located in Falkenstein, Saxony and Russian data center is located in Moscow.
Are you a reliable company?
We have an official license to provide web hosting services, and the company is incorporated in Czech Republic. We currently deliver services to customers in more than 100 countries.

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